Debuts are an optional tradition. Filipinos embrace tradition, which is why many families in the Philippines choose to have one for their daughters on their daughters’ 18th birthdays.
Debuts range from the simple impromptu ones to the elaborated, planned and thematic ones.
Although a debut is often looked upon as the presentation of a young woman to society when she turns 18 years old, IMAGIK likes to think of it as a special way of celebrating a special day!



• Assist in planning the budget to ensure that the event stays within the working budget of the client
• Suggest perfect venues for reception such as hotels, garden receptions, restaurants and bars, etc.
• Recommend reliable suppliers that would complement with the set budget of the celebration
• Provide debutante’s checklist or worksheet
• Refer and set-up appointments for all debutante’s needs down to the last details
• Conduct negotiations and review contracts with suppliers
• Source out calligrapher and assist in editing wordings and addresses for the invitations
• Help in conceptualizing reception program flow
• Suggest and help in selection of music for the program and dinner
• Recommend giveaways and other souvenirs related to the theme (if necessary)
• Pre-event meetings with the debutante one month before the event
• Individual unlimited consultations through phone, email and fax
• Confirm and discuss all details and contracts with previously booked suppliers such as photo, video coverage, event stylist, florist, gown designer, lights and sounds, band/musicians/performers, etc.
• Ensure that the set-up arrangement of the reception venue conforms with the debutante’s request
• Coordinate with suppliers that has to be paid on the day of event, ask parents of the debutante to endorse checks/payments for turnover to suppliers after the event
• Assist in floor planning layout and seating arrangements/guest registration
• Prepare emcee’s script and program sequence guide
• Overall management of debut party from dressing up of the debutante to the actual celebration


(Note: Inclusions and other services such as event styling and thematic debuts can be discussed separately and made available upon request.)

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